The Company has been in business developing computer software for micro computers since 1982. We are incorporated in the state of Oregon. Our marketing plan is to be a provider of high quality software development tools for all computing platforms. Our primary focus is in the area of 'language analysis tools'. Every discipline has a unique terminology and syntax, therefore every discipline should be able to describe problems in a familiar language. Our mission is to provide those tools.

We support our customers by providing a solid product and solving any problems they have in a quick time frame. We offer frequent upgrades to all of our customers at a reasonable price. Our best ideas come from our customers.

We intend to provide products that will be fully compatible on the following computer platforms - IBM DOS/AIX and OS/2, Apple Macintosh/AUX, DEC VMS/ULTRIX, SUN/SOLARIS, HP/Apollo, QNX, Linux, Amiga, Microsoft 2000[NT], 95/98, Win3.x, and NeXT Operating Systems. We really do support ALL languages & All operating systems.  ( If we have missed someone please call us )

It is our plan to provide software development tools so our customers applications can be ported between different environments in a consistent and time saving fashion. Our goal is to minimize the effort associated with platform portability for our customers. We believe all software applications need only be written once and then ported to all platforms. All of our tools are portable and are available on all platforms with the same features.

Abraxas Software is named after the god ABRAXAS which according to Gnostic literature was a god of the Pythagorean society. We originally derived the name of the company from Herman Hesse's book, "Demian". Our logo is the geometric proof of the Pythagorean Theorem - A squared plus B squared equals C squared.

The name ABRAXAS was a very special name to the Gnostics because the sum of the letters in the name equals 365, e.g. the number of days in a year. The terms gnosticism and mathemesis are synonymous and both mean to know, and all early mathematical thought was driven by those with the desire to "know" and understand the world around them. ABRAXAS SOFTWARE knows about software tools. If you can't find a particular software tool ask us, perhaps we can find it for you.

Today 2005, things are quite different people don't buy 'software', they buy service, and expect to get software for free. Thus we have become a service company that provides software solutions. Generally our customers must specify their goals in order for us to deliver an exact solution to their problem.


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