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Misra C Coding Standard Implementation

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Misra C Checker 2004- Misra-C:2004 Misra-C:1998

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For questions on HOW-TO 'CodeCheck'  the Misra Specification contact support@abxsoft.com

"Misra" is a registered trademark of Misra.UK.Org

The FREE Misra test package [ misra-complete-zip ] has two versions, the Microsoft C version, the GCC Linux Version. It is completely valid to apply the Misra rules to C++ if you wish.

1.) The MSDEV Case is ..

    chkdemo -Rmisra.cco yourfile.c

   [ By default on windows, CodeCheck support MSDEV-MSTUDIO C, -k3 mode. VC6-1998, VC7-2003, VC8 -2005 ]

2.) The LINUX-GCC case is ...

    ccdemo linux.ccp gcc-xxx.ccp -Rmisra.cco yourfile.c

    The linux.ccp file is in the package this contains the emulation data to tell codecheck how to process  linux-gcc

    C  source,   the gcc-xxx.ccp is a list of header-file search paths. This file is created by our utility MKCCP. The creation of gcc-xxx.ccp is NOT tivial, it requires that you read our "how-to-gcc.txt" notes, and follow directions.

For ALL other operating systems and C/C++ compilers contact us directly, or view our document "codecheck-technical-notes.pdf' at www.abxsoft.com/pdf.


The "Misra Validation Test Suite" is a collection of self documented C that contains reference to the Misra Standard, the result here is generated by CodeCheck as HTML, using the rule-file html.cc included n the download package.

Misra Validation Test Suite

The download package 'misra-complete.zip' contains ALL the source code associated with the MISRA package. The complete package contains all rules for - Misra-C:2004 and Misra-C:1998. Note we prefer Misra-C 1998, because it has more rules that are  rigorous. We believe that the 2004 specification simply made the detection easier for vendors of checking tools. Given that the primary basis for all these C rules came from the Koenig 1998 book "C Traps and Pitfalls", it's quite clear that by 1998, most of the bad things about C were known.

Download FREE CodeCheck Tools for Misra NOW

See www.abxsoft.com/dl for a full free download tool list

Note: Regarding 'free', the our free MISRA toolkit uses our free evaulation codecheck DEMO engine, this DEMO is NOT 100% for all possible functionality, thus 100% full MISRA detection cannot be done without the Professional Version of CodeCheck. The demo doesn't support deep-type-check [ -c ] option, so about 5% of the rule's will not detect events when applying the demo engine with misra-files. The purpose of the free tools is so students can learn QA tools and apply 95% of the rules to their code and/or our provided test suites.

Misra-C:2004 Misra-C:1998  Package Index   Table of Contents

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 MISRA is a registered trademark of www.misra.uk.org