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Please use the following form to submit any order if you wish to order on-line, or call and/or fax your order. You can pay by paypal, or wire to our bank. Send paypal funds to abraxas.sw@gmail.com, send purchase order to sales@abxsoft.com. For general sales questions use this form.

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CodeCheck - Expert System Source Analyzer   CodeFix - Expert System Source Modification

PCYacc - Language Toolkit       Macyacc - Macintosh Language Toolkit [ OS-X ]


Select an Operating System  [ Windows LAN ] [ UNIX Lan ]

Windows 2000 [ NT]   Windows 95/98     OS/2 [ x86 ]   [ $995 Single User License ]

DOS / Windows 3.x  [ $495 Single User License ]    LINUX [ $495 Single User License ]

Unix [ Sun, HP, SGI ] VAX/VMS IBM MVS/VSE [ $1995 Single User License ]

Mac OS-X  [ PPC-ix86 ]   [ $995 Single User License ]

We don't charge for shipping, We don't collect tax in Oregon. The price you see is the price you'll pay. Period. If this is an upgrade order then the price is 40% of the base above, please provide your serial number in the form below an indicate that you wish to UPGRADE your existing license. If this is a site-license then you must submit an email RFQ for the upgrade cost, typically 20% of discounted base.

 If you have any comments or need something special please let us know. All sales are final. You can pay by paypal, or corporate purchase order if you have an account. You have downloaded our free demos, and understand what you are purchasing. Use the input area below, and include comments if necessary:

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