PCYACC is a complete language development environment for the C and C++ programmer. The DOS/WIN Professional version includes; PCYACC, PCY32 ( 32 bit version ), PCLEX, the PCYACC manual, and the SACALC, INTOPOST, PIC Windows examples, and a C++ to C translator; source grammar description files with corresponding lexical analyzers, and support from ABRAXAS SOFTWARE.


Includes Lexical Analyzers, Symbol Table, and Error Handling / Recovery.

ANSI C & C++ - The new American National Standards definitions for C & C++.

K&R C - The original Kernighan and Ritchie C definition.

AT&T C++ - The full Stroustrup C++ grammar definition.

ISO PASCAL - A complete grammar for the current PASCAL standard.

dBASE III/Plus and dBASE IV - A complete implementation of the dBASE language.

SQL[2]- Structure Query Language, The IBM standard language for DBMS. SQL[88] & SQL2[92] included.

POSTSCRIPT - An implementation of the ADOBE Page Description Language.

SmallTalk - A full SMALLTALK-80 grammar definition.

HyperTalk - The Apple Hypercard object oriented language.

Prolog - An Implementation of Clocksin & Mellish PROLOG.

YACC & LEX - A grammar description of the UNIX YACC language as defined by Stephen Johnson plus the Lexical Analysis grammar as defined by M.E. Lesk.

COBOL & ADA - The COBOL 85 standard and the latest MIL-SPEC ADA.

GW-BASIC & Visual Basic - A full implementation of Microsoft Basic.

FORTRAN 77 & 90 - A detailed FORTRAN-77/90 environment for building F77 and F90 tools.

SGML & ASN.1 - Structured Generalized Markup Language and Abstract Syntax Notation One.

SNA/LU & REXX - System Network Architecture/ Logical Unit & IBM REXX.

RPG - Report Program Generator II & III.

PLI - IBM Programming Language One.

RTF - Rich Text Format, A full implementation of the new text format standard used by Microsoft, Apple, and NeXT.

DB2 - New! IBM standard query language similar to SQL2.

HTML - Hypertext Meta Language.

ODMG - Object Data Management language. OQL/ODL

Modula3:- The current Modula standard.


All source files included.

SACALC - An implementation of a simple arithmetic calculator. This is our simplest example and is targeted to those new to the PCYACC concept.

INTOPOST - An infix to postfix translator, this program is the basis of all machine code generation. Infix can be thought of "2+2", and postfix "2,2,+" ( like RPN on HP calculators ). Most stack machines use this architecture so this is our second example for compiler generation.

PIC - This program is an implementation of the PIC[ture] language, which is a Page Description Language ( like POSTSCRIPT ).. A Windows 95/NT version is available written in C++ for developing GUI applications.

LINT - Syntax analyzers, we include sources to provide lint like processing for the following languages PASCAL, HTML, SGML, SQL, PROLOG, ADA, ANSI-C, COBOL, and ADA.

C++ to C - This example translates C++ source code to C, and is based on the original Stroustrup definition of C++. The C++ lexical analyzer can be used with the C grammars to make C products upward compatible with C++.


YTOOL - Yacc cross referencing tool.

TPARSER - A PCYACC C++ object library.

MULPAR - Generate multiple parsers in one executable file.

YDB - Yacc DeBugger for resolving complicated grammar conflicts.