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Download demos for CodeCheck, CodeFix, and PCYACC. Get latest list of PCYACC grammars, CodeCheck Rule Files, and /public resources.


Deep Learning with CodeCheck & Pcyacc

If your interested in Deep Learning or Machine Learning you will find codecheck and pcyacc to be excellent for generating training data so that deep-learning systems can be developed to analyze code. Pcyacc for any language, and CodeCheck for C or C++.

Main advantage for training data using codecheck is that any rule can be trained so that correct training data can be provided for good and known code. Once the DL/ML system gets the training 'idea', then the system can be applied to any kind of code, including 'bad code', such as C++ with massive errors. In the past codecheck has required 100% perfect code in order to process assuming that the code was clean and 'compilable'. Now with DL you can train your rules using codecheck, and then apply any code to the DL that has been trained with the rules, creating a robust system.



If you�re an Abraxas Software customer just drop us email anytime you wish and we'll email you back anything you ask for updates, new grammars, bug fixes. We also write custom rule-files for free for customers, so if there is something in C and/or C++ that you would like to analyze just let us know. We believe that ALL problems are solvable with our tools. We never give up nor say something cannot be done.

If you can't find something let us know, we probably know where its at.

We also now have available a new product called 'CODEFIX' that modifies and/or converts C/C++ programs. 

Current Versions are PCYACC 15, CodeCheck 15, CodeFix 10 All Prior Versions should be considered obsolete and are not supported by Abraxas Software. We'll of course answer questions about old versions, but our testing requires that you be on the same version as us, normally an update to the current version only requires an email. We update our tools weekly and are always adding new features, and supporting new C/C++ compilers.

Porting to 64-bit machines - Intel Itanium & AMD Opteron creates new analysis problems with bringing Legacy C/C++ to this new platform - Ask Abraxas how we can help you make this transistion with CodeCheck.

Email for free Linux Demo of either Pcyacc or CodeCheck!

Linux Standard Base - Generalized information about porting any kind of C or C++ from any operating system to any kind of Linux. Full document in PDF format available at Abraxas LSB PDF File

Supporting the new Managed - MSDEV .NET C++ 8.0. If you have an immediate need, please contact. All supporting whidbey c++.

CodeFix 10.0 

The main idea o f CodeFix is Code-Regeneration if there is transform you want, and you don't see it let us know so we can do it. Send request to

Most CodeCheck rule files are available at our download site site. If you don't see what your looking for EMAIL us at and tell us what your looking for. The demo version of CodeCheck [] on the FTP is for WIN-95/NT, if you want another operating system demo let us know by email and we'll ship it to you with free manuals. There is no time limit on our demos and all materials we send are yours to keep.

The directory /pcy_tools contains many Win 95/NT tools for Visual Debugging ( YDB32 ) of PCYACC grammars, we have Microsoft Foundation Class examples for MFC Version 4.

CodeCheck 15.0 [ currently 1500 b 1 ]

Use CodeCheck 15.0 to automate your C++ coding standards. We have rule files for Misra, Ellemtel, Posix, and porting to 64-bit machines. CodeCheck supports the complete Ansi C++ Working Draft including Templates and Namespace. We also support the Embedded System C++ Specification. The Microsoft alternative to Java C# [ see-sharp ] is also supported.

We are now shipping the new SUSE 9.1 Linux AMD-64 Bit version of CodeCheck.

CodeCheck provides rules files for Object Oriented Metrics, Shrouding, Comment Analysis, see our complete list of rule files included with codecheck.

CodeCheck includes a complete collection of C++ standards checkers. Ellemtel, Meyers, and many other corporate standards. All of the sources are available on our ftp site .

Please see CodeCheck rule files for C++ standards adherence. If you don't see support for your standard let us know. For the latest caveats on CodeCheck request our 'CodeCheck TechNotes' this document is updated quarterly. For a complete list of CodeCheck triggers and functions see the master list. If something your looking for can't be found then tell us so we can implement it.

GoCheck GUI for CodeCheck under Microsoft Visual Studio is available for download. A GUI report generator for CodeCheck. 

We support ALL Embedded Systems C compilersARM, Atmel, Intel, Hitachi, Motorola, Mitsubishi, NEC, NSC, PIC, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, and Zilog . Typical compilers are EDG FE,  Keil, Greenhill, IAR,  and Tasking.

For the past twenty years we have made a point of writing rule-files for ALL new books that deal with C or C++ coding standrds. If you don't see your favorite book listed send us email, and we'll find the old rule-file. The point of this approach is simple. It's like having an expert look over your shoulder "according to the book".

Linux Standard Base using CodeCheck - Generalized information about porting any kind of C or C++ from any operating system to any kind of Linux. Full document in PDF format available at Abraxas PDF site

PCYACC 15.0 [ currently 1500 ]

PCYACC  generates Web Applets ( C#, Java, VBS, and JavaScript ) with complete HTML drivers, so your PCYACC internet applications are executable from your favorite internet browser.

PCYACC has Language Engines for C#, JavaScript, VisualBasicScript, HTML, JAVA, and VRML. PCYACC now lets you develop for Virtual Reality Modeling Language - tomorrow's three dimensional web environment. We have Grammars for C#, Delphi, Visual Basic Script (VBS), Delphi, Tcl, Perl, ODMG-ODL/OQL, IDL, and Modula-3.

Our newest HTML language engine now supports all dialects of HTML, including HTML3, Netscape, and Microsoft Internet Assistant. We believe our HTML engine is the most robust available. If you don't see a web parsing tool your looking for let us know and we'll find it for you. We have placed our original HTML parser on our FTP site for public use.

We have support for generating Delphi, Pascal, VBS, C, C++, C#, and Java. If your target parsing language needs to be something other than C, please let us know via EMAIL. We have many examples of generating languages other than C/C++ just send us EMAIL if you wish to see some examples. PCYACC includes a complete Object Oriented Parsing Class for professional OO-Compiler implementation.

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