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CodeCheck Manuals

ccmaster.pdf - Master list of all codecheck functions & triggers in alphabetical order. All switches defined in CodeCheck Program.

ccquick.pdf  - CodeCheck 'quick reference' guide. Contact Abraxas for a free hard-copy.

ccref.pdf - CodeCheck Reference Manual. Full definition of CodeCheck programming environment.

cctechnote.pdf - CodeCheck Technical Notes - Caveats regarding ALL operating systems & compilers supported by CodeCheck  Special caveats regarding all platforms, including Intel Itanium.

ccuser.pdf -  Introductory User manual for CodeCheck.

rule_index.pdf - Sample List of 'rule files' included in CodeCheck. If you don't see what your looking for please ask.

xyz_implementation.pdf - Example Corporate Rule File implementation using CodeCheck

xyz_sampleguide.pdf - Example Corporate Coding Guideline C++ 


GoCheck.pdf - GoCheck Users manual. Visual 'GUI' version of CodeCheck for MSDEV C/C++. Report Generator for CodeCheck. Source Code for CodeCheck Report Generator.


understand.pdf - Overall philosophy using CodeCheck and automating Corporate coding standards for management.  

LSB_CodeCheck.pdf - How to port any C or C++ from any compiler or operating-system to any kind of Linux.

CodeFix Manuals

codefix.pdf - CodeFix Source Code Modification Manual.


PCYACC Manuals

pclex.pdf - PCLEX Users Manual

pcyacc.pdf - PCYACC Users Manual

pcydb.pdf - PCYACC Visual Debugging Manual

pcyoot.pdf - Pcyacc Object Oriented Programming Language Manual [ Generating - Java, C#, C++, Delphi, ... ]